Washing and sanitizing

Car interior washing

The love for cars and the deep passion for our work allow us to ensure incredible results that exceed the expectations of our customers.
If you want to drive a car always clean and impeccable Splendid Car is what you are looking for: our goal is to guarantee you a unique travel experience driving your car through a complete service dedicated to interior cleaning. Using specific products designed for different surfaces we will get a deep cleaning and eliminate any trace of bacteria, germs and odors. We intervene with professionalism on every type of car, from sports cars to luxury cars, up to vintage ones, designing treatments tailored to their specific characteristics.

Car sanitation

Taking care of the car is not only about the body, but also about the environment in which we spend most of the time: the cockpit. This is where we live our road adventures and where the magic of travel comes to life. Therefore, keeping the interior clean and tidy is essential to create a cozy and pleasant environment in which to immerse yourself during each journey. In splendid Car we use the best products and advanced equipment for the treatment against bacteria, against aging and deterioration of the interior. We are always looking for the most innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of each car, so as to always ensure the highest quality.

Washing and sanitizing
Washing and sanitizing

Steam washing for cars and motorcycles

Our experienced team combines technical expertise and innovation to ensure the best results not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also in the sanitization of surfaces.
Every single detail is fundamental for us: for this we use modern and effective techniques such as steam washing for cars and motorcycles. This treatment allows us to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and the stagnation of mold and odors. Being a non-aggressive technique can be used on any car and represents one of the best ecological treatments for cars on the market today.

The SC Method

With the Method SC, car care is renewed. Our method is customized for each car. It combines ultra-professional polishing and nanotechnological solutions, carefully selected to ensure maximum results.


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