Polishing and sanitizing with nanotechnology

Polishing and headlight treatment

We specialize in restoring the clarity and brightness of car headlights, ensuring optimal visibility and increased road safety.
Our experienced team uses advanced techniques and high quality products to eliminate scratches, opacity and yellowing from the headlights, restoring the original transparency. We are committed to delivering exceptional and lasting results, ensuring detailed and accurate treatment for every car.

Polishing of pastel colours

At Splendid Car, we are committed to offering an impeccable polishing treatment that preserves and improves the appearance of the vehicle’s pastel colours. Our highly qualified team uses advanced techniques and high-quality products to ensure exceptional and long-lasting results. With care and attention to detail, we make sure your vehicle is treated with the utmost precision. Rely on us for a professional pastel color polishing that will exceed your expectations. 

Polishing and sanitizing with nanotechnology

The SC Method

With the Method SC, car care is renewed. Our method is customized for each car. It combines ultra-professional polishing and nanotechnological solutions, carefully selected to ensure maximum results.


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