A difficult challenge successfully faced

A difficult challenge successfully faced

Thanks to the technical skills of our team on car polishing, we have managed to bring the hood of a Rolls Royce Phantom back to its original state. In the first phase, the team analysed the condition of the car paint and then proceeded with the paint correction process through a strategic sanding. The real magic, however, happened during the professional car polishing phase. Here, the choice of polishing pastes for luxury cars becomes crucial. Specific formulations for Rolls Royce paint were used, designed to meet the exclusive needs of Rolls Royce paint. The polishing process was started with the aid of precision polishing machines and carefully calibrated movements. A delicate phase that required absolute mastery by the team, since the goal was not only to restore the gloss, but also to confer a depth and clarity of the paint that emphasize the intrinsic quality of the paint. The end result was extraordinary. The bonnet of the Rolls Royce Phantom has regained its original lustre, with a crystalline reflection that testifies to the craftsmanship employed.

The benefits reported by this treatment:

  • The paint is protected by a reflective state
  • Increased resistance to atmospheric agents and contaminants

The SC Method

Discover the revolutionary method of Splendid Car, designed by the Lanza brothers to bring your car to a higher state than that of a new car. With ultra-professional polishing and customized nanotechnological evaluation, we ensure your maximum satisfaction.


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