Advanced detailing and total decontamination

Advanced detailing and total decontamination

the exceptional detailing treatment performed on this Smart, highlights the process of targeted decontamination. This service goes beyond traditional washing and aims to preserve the integrity and beauty of the car, particularly important in urban cars such as the Smart, often exposed to atmospheric pollution and corrosive agents.
The first crucial step was a careful visual inspection that identified every contaminant on the surface of the car. Subsequently, a specific product was applied for decontamination from ferrous, that is metal particles that can deposit on the paint and cause damage over time. This chemically reactive product has allowed to melt and remove iron particles, ensuring a deep cleaning and preservation of the surface. The use of specialized detergents allowed to eliminate air pollutant residues, fine dust and other contaminants that had mattered the paint and compromised its original shine. The thorough cleaning of every corner, including the most hidden details, was essential to ensure a flawless result.

The benefits reported by this treatment are:

  • A regenerated surface
  • Ferrodo decontamination has preserved paint and prevented long-term damage
  • Accurate removal of contaminants has helped preserve paint and bodywork

The SC Method

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