Impeccable hygiene inside and out

Impeccable hygiene inside and out

This is an exclusive case of the best car sanitization treatment in Milan, performed on the interior of a Fiat 500, where the team of experts focused particularly on the care of the seats. This service aims to ensure complete sanitization of the cabin.
The process began with a detailed inspection of the seats, in which stains and residues that compromised the internal hygiene of the car were identified. Once identified, a specially formulated car sanitizer was applied, which acted deeply to eliminate bacteria and allergens. This first step was crucial to create a safe indoor environment.
The next step involved extracting the seats using a high-pressure machine and a car-specific cleaner to penetrate the seat fibers. This not only removed visible dirt, but also allowed it to reach even the deepest residues, ensuring complete hygiene. The water and dirt were subsequently sucked through a special machine for cleaning the interior of the car, avoiding that moisture could be imprinted in the materials and thus reducing the drying time.

The benefits reported by this treatment:

  • A regeneration of internal hygiene
  • Extraction cleaning returned the original beauty of the seats
  • Rapid drying has prevented the formation of unpleasant odors and the proliferation of moulds

The SC Method

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