Polishing also on pastel colours

Polishing also on pastel colours

To transform a pastel black Ferrari 360 Modena into a work of art on four wheels, the team of specialists, in the first phase of the work, adopted a targeted approach to detect and gently remove all imperfections. Then we dedicated ourselves to surface preparation, where the real challenge came with the application of anti-alone polishing. This is because, pastel black, is in fact one of the most demanding colors to be treated, requires a particular skill to obtain a flawless finish without the appearance of annoying halos or signs.
In this case, a precision polishing paste, specially formulated for dark and black colors, was used to eliminate any remaining imperfection and ensure a flawless finish.

The benefits reported by this treatment are:

  • A flawless surface
  • Enhances the depth of color
  • Anti-lone polishing provides additional paint protection

The SC Method

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