The new frontier of car sanitation

The new frontier of car sanitation

The Team of Experts started the process with a careful external washing, using products formulated to comply with the paint and specific characteristics of a luxury vehicle such as the Land Rover.
The peculiarity of the service lies in the internal sanitation phase. Every corner of the cabin has been thoroughly cleaned using first-class disinfectants. This includes not only the seats and the dashboard, but also the often overlooked cracks and gaps. The team used "baking", a gentle but effective steam cleaning method. This technique is usually applied to remove any trace of bacteria and germs, ensuring an interior environment not only aesthetically flawless but also hygienically safe.
After completing the washing and sanitizing process, our focus shifted to the heart of the Land Rover: the engine. Specific treatment has been applied to protect and preserve its proper functioning. Through a targeted cleaning with special products, dirt and grease deposits have been gently removed, ensuring optimal efficiency. Subsequently a protective coating was applied designed to withstand the high temperatures of the engine, protecting it from corrosion and long-term deterioration.

The benefits reported by this treatment are:

  • Internal sanitation provides a safe and healthy environment for passengers
  • The specific treatments used also preserve the quality over time
  • The specific treatment of the engine improves performance and efficiency by extending the life of the engine itself

The SC Method

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