Innovative and customized treatment for the wheels of an Audi RS4

Innovative and customized treatment for the wheels of an Audi RS4

A recent detailing was carried out by our team of experts on the wheels of an Audi RS4. The objective was twofold: to restore the surface of the wheels to a crystal-clear brilliance and to ensure lasting protection against the elements and daily wear.
The Audi RS4, with its combination of power and style, requires highly specialized treatment. The detailed approach involved the use of a specific treatment that literally transformed the wheels, bringing them to new life. We therefore opted for an advanced treatment, formulated with a combination of nano-coating specific to alloys, capable of penetrating deep and creating an invisible protective barrier.
The process began with thorough cleaning, carefully removing any traces of dirt, brake residue and surface contaminants. Subsequently, the application of the specific treatment acted by smoothing the surfaces of the wheels and giving an unmatched shine. The nano particles, through their penetrating action, have not only revived the original color of the wheels, but have also created a barrier resistant against brake dust and adverse weather. 

The benefits reported by this treatment:

  • a set of wheels that not only reflect the majesty of the Audi RS4
  • wheels protected from all possible road signs.

The SC Method

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