Car polishing on an icon of sporty elegance: the Lotus

Car polishing on an icon of sporty elegance: the Lotus

In the refined world of car polishing, our intervention focused on an icon of sporty elegance: the Lotus. The heart of this transformation lies in the precision of the Team in applying the treatment with nanotechnology auto. The particles are thus penetrated into the surface imperfections, giving Lotus a ntreatment with nanotechnology auto Milanaration preceded the application of nano treatment, with a thorough cleaning to ensure that every particle of contaminant was eradicated. The magic began with nanotechnology which, through its targeted approach, smoothed and renewed the surface of Lotus. Our car polishing service, infused with the most advanced Milan car nanotechnology, has faced the challenge with the aim of revitalizing the bodywork and protecting it over time. The key to ensuring long-lasting protection has been our nano-coating formula. Once applied, this thin invisible layer has become a shield against weathering, insects and UV rays, preserving the newly revealed beauty.

The benefits reported by this treatment:

  • Thanks to nano-coating applied during treatment, the car now benefits from durable protection.
  • The surface of the Lotus has been restored to a state of crystalline brilliance.

The SC Method

Discover the revolutionary method of Splendid Car, designed by the Lanza brothers to bring your car to a higher state than that of a new car. With ultra-professional polishing and customized nanotechnological evaluation, we ensure your maximum satisfaction.


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