Success and elegance in the case of a Mercedes

An extraordinary intervention was performed on a Mercedes car, suffering from obvious signs of wear and deep scratches. The sanding treatment and the subsequent application of nanotechnology have been designed to recover the original brightness of the surface, while ensuring the preservation of the quality standards and elegance characteristic of luxury cars.
Advanced formulations of products enriched with nanomaterials have been used, capable of penetrating into the tiny porosities of the paint. This innovative treatment has established a protective barrier on the surface of the entire car, offering superior resistance against atmospheric agents, pollutants and potential damage.
The final phase was the actual polishing, using specially designed pastes and tools. This step has returned a radiant glow to the paint, eliminating any remaining imperfection.

The benefits reported by this treatment are:

  • a greater defense to the paint
  • increased resistance over time to any other forms of wear
  • increased brightness

The SC Method

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