Successful Detailing on Audi Wheels

Successful Detailing on Audi Wheels

This particular service was designed to intervene and give the Audi wheels their original appearance. The Team of experts as a first step identified the imperfections and damage that the car had suffered over time. Subsequently, specific detergents formulated specifically to remove road residues, dust and atmospheric agents accumulated on the surface of the wheels were used.  After cleaning, scratches and wear stains were addressed using a slight targeted sanding. With precision abrasives, the obvious signs of wear were removed without affecting the finish of the wheels. This step required special attention to detail to achieve an optimal result. In the end the wheels were polished thanks to the use of pastes and tools specially selected to improve the gloss of the wheels without compromising the structure. This polishing has not only eliminated residual scratches, but has also given the wheels a renewed and shiny appearance.

The benefits reported by this treatment are:

  • increased resistance to external aggression
  • greater protection on the surface of the wheels

The SC Method

Discover the revolutionary method of Splendid Car, designed by the Lanza brothers to bring your car to a higher state than that of a new car. With ultra-professional polishing and customized nanotechnological evaluation, we ensure your maximum satisfaction.


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