Nanotechnology and professional polishing

Nanotechnology and professional polishing

This is the case of an Aston Martin DBX in which polishing was performed with nanotechnology application to ceramics.
After a careful visual inspection of the car, the specialized team is able to identify any surface imperfections or micrograffi that will be eliminated during treatment. The bodywork is then thoroughly washed and decontaminated to ensure that the surface is free of residues and contaminants. Once the surface is prepared, a thin but resistant layer of ceramic coating based on nanotechnology is applied. This coating penetrates the microscopic porosity of the paint, creating a protective barrier that repels atmospheric agents, pollutants and organic contaminants, ensuring a longer treatment duration. In the end, the polishing of the body, which not only gives brightness to the car, but also accentuates the depth of the paint color. 

The benefits reported by this treatment are:

  • the most durable dirt and weather resistance
  • protection against corrosion and UV rays 
  • protection against aggressive chemicals
  • better finish of the car

The SC Method

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