Specialized techniques for the care of vintage cars

Specialized techniques for the care of vintage cars

Preserving and restoring to maximum splendor an authentic vintage car without the first layer of transparent, is not only an act of restoration, but a tribute to their intrinsic beauty.
It was a process that required specific mastery and a very careful approach.
The team of experts began with a detailed analysis of the surface, taking into account the original paint and the peculiar characteristics of the vintage car. In this case, identifying imperfections, signs of aging and possible corrosion was fundamental to create a customized polishing strategy and proceed with complete car regeneration.
The delicacy of the team was the key to an optimal result, since the car in question, being deprived of the first layer of transparent, is characterized by a surface more vulnerable to weathering and wear.
After having carried out the meticulous washing phase, we moved on to the delicate sanding phase to remove surface imperfections without further damaging the underlying paint.
For polishing in this case we use professional pastes formulated to recover the original shine of vintage cars, adapting to the specific needs of the car. The technique required controlled pressure and precise movements to ensure optimal results without compromising the original paint.

The benefits reported by this treatment:

  • The matt and damaged surface regains its original brilliance
  • Resurfaces the original color depth
  • The treatment provides additional protection to the paint

The SC Method

Discover the revolutionary method of Splendid Car, designed by the Lanza brothers to bring your car to a higher state than that of a new car. With ultra-professional polishing and customized nanotechnological evaluation, we ensure your maximum satisfaction.


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